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Anonymous asked: WHERE HAVE YOU GONE O.O

I’m so sorry sweetie!!!!!
I haven’t ENTIRELY gone from tumblr i mean i’m regularly-ish active on my personal account but lbr here

i’m a seventeen year old girl studying for her a-levels who really needs to do her coursework and revise on a regular basis and i do have a really good work ethic but if i get distracted it just evaporatesĀ 
furthermore i have two jobs and a social life and am learning to drive so time is limited

HOWEVER it is v.possible that i’ll make some stuff soon- it’s half-term this coming week and i don’t plan to do any homework this weekend after work tomorrow so KEEP YOUR HEAD UP


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tadioactive-daria asked: Okay


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i hope you all had a fabulous christmas!!!!! i got a doctor who ice cube tray and the book The Doctor His Lives and Times and a build your own mini dalek figurine and they’re all quite FABĀ 

furthermore i hope you all will have a wonderful new year!!!

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xunicornwhovianx asked: Haii I just wanted to say that your tumblr is just amazing! Keep it up love <3 And I was wondering if you can make a gifset of River and 11? Like their cute moments? :D

Ahhh thank-you honey pie!!!

Yes I probably could at some point, but i only have series 5 with the two of them so it might not be on a large scale idk we’ll see eh

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It’s the 50th today IN FORTY MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m ridiculously excited how about you oh my gosh this is actually happening hudbdjfbjbebjbfvjebaa

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Anonymous asked: What program do you use to make your gifs?

it’s on my faq man!!!!!!!!!! right at the top!!!

it’s kmplayer and photoshop cs4

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